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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Thanks Brennan for “un-decorating” aunt TT’s Christmas tree.  Abracadabra….it’s magic Jack Mommy puts yogurt in a bowl….aunt TT has “Yogurt Parfait parties”  Sorry Brennan.Yum.This is a “why doesn’t anyone want to play outside on the freezing cold deck” tantrum.Staying upright is advanced. Baby perfection.Ooops, down again.Up to NO good.Tasty tasty.What. Is. That?Oh no!Snowball to the […]

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Brennan on stimulants….. “When I drink coffee Mommy, it’s going to be CRAZY” Brennan on discipline….. Brennan: “When I turned two, I was really bad, but now that I’m three, I’m not bad anymore right mommy?” Mommy: “Uh….ok.” B: “And mommy loves me a lot now that I am good right?” Mommy: “Mommy loves you […]

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